Greetings All,

I am honored and excited to accept the position as the next president of MBC-LEO.  I feel confident that I can make a significant contribution to our organization, and I am grateful for the opportunity to continue to serve. 

I bring my public service experience of serving on the City of Biloxi Planning Commission, past Secretary of the Democratic 4th Congressional District, City of Biloxi Acting Mayor and current Ward 2 Councilmember in the City of Biloxi.

As your new president, I am committed to increasing our organization’s membership, member participation, and political presence.  As elected officials, we are entrusted to work on behalf of the individuals who have placed faith in our abilities to represent their best interests. MBC-LEO hosts two annual conferences; each packed with informative seminars, dynamic speakers, and networking opportunities.  I encourage all members and invite non-members to participate.  We will only be successful if we take advantage of the tools offered in order to better govern.

Please know I welcome ideas and suggestions on how we can grow and make MBC-LEO a premier political force.  Again, I thank you for the confidence that you have expressed by electing me and look forward to a very productive year!


Felix O. Gines

MBC-LEO President, 2017

Councilmember, City of Biloxi