The Mississippi Black Caucus of Local Elected Officials (MBC-LEO) was created in 1986 to represent the interests of African American elected officials in the State of Mississippi.  MBC-LEO's objectives include increasing African American participation on the Mississippi Municipal Leagues (MML) Board of Directors and committees to ensure that policy and program recommendations reflect African American concerns and benefit their communities.

The organization also works independently with its members to inform them on issues affecting the African American community and helps to devise ways to achieve their community objectives through legislation and direct action.  It is incorporated as a nonprofit organization under the laws of the State of Mississippi.


MBC-LEO conducts its annual meetings in conjunction with the MML conference.




In order to be actively involved with MBC-LEO, individuals are invited to become members. 


There are four categories of membership and they are as follows:

Regular Member - All persons holding the elected position of mayor, city council member, alderperson, county commissioner or similar municipal governmental positions, who have tendered the dues required for membership shall be eligible for regular membership and will have a right to vote.


Associate Member - Any other elected officials having all privileges as regular members and having tendered the dues required for membership, except they shall not have the right to vote or hold office within the corporation or serve on the Board of Directors.


Supporting Member - Any person who does not meet regular or associate membership requirements but is interested in furthering the goals of the organization, and has tendered the dues required.  Supporting members shall not have the right to vote or hold office within the corporation or serve on the Board of Directors.


Alumni Member - Individuals who have participated as regular members who are currently no longer serving in elective office my serve on the MBC-LEO Board of Directors as non-voting members.



For more information or to receive a membership application, please contact Walter Osborne, Jr., Post Office Box 150, Vicksburg, Mississippi 39181-0150.

For general information please contact Deborah Delgado, 304 Williams Street, Hattiesburg, MS 39401, 225.921.0656.